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Fully Automatic Biochemistry Analyzer
FACA 261

Labomed introduces an automatic biochemistry analyzer with varying testing capacities.

There are two different systems:

  • one, the flowcell system Model FACA-200 performs 140 tests, the FACA-201 performs 250 tests, and the FACA-201/ELE performs 450 tests;
  • and the other system, the biochemistry analyzer Model FACA-301 and 301/ELE performs 300 tests, and the Model FACA-401 and 401/ELE performs 600 tests.

Labomed, Inc. is certified by ISO 9001-2000, has CE Conformity and is FDA Licensed.


  • Random access and direct reading system
  • Automatic washing system for both sample and reagent probe
  • Liquid level detection and collision protection for both sample and reagent probe
  • Reliable cooling system for reagent chamber
  • Powerful reaction cuvette washing system
  • User-friendly interface
  • ELE module and barcode scanner (optional)

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Technical Specifications

Operation: Random access
Reading System: Direct reading system
Method: End point, Kinetic, Fixed time, Bi-chromatic, Immunoturbidimetric, 1-2 reagent, multistandard, reagent/serum blank, etc.
Assay Item: FACA-401 performs 80 assay tests + 3 ELE items (optional), FACA-301 and FACA-261 perform 40 assay tests + 3 ELE items (optional)
Throughput: FACA-401---400 tests/h or 600 tests/h /ELE, FACA-301---300 tests/h or 450 tests/h /ELE, FACA-261---270 tests/h or 420 tests/h /ELE
Sample Position: FACA-401---88 positions, FACA-301---88 positions, FACA-261---88 positions, including standard, control & stat, serum cup or primary tube available
Sample Volume: 1~100 uL, 0.1 uL/step
Reagent Position: 2 x 40 positions for the FACA-401, 40 positions or 80 positions (optional) for the FACA-301 and FACA-261
Reagent Volume: R1: 1~400 uL, 0.1 uL/step R2: 1~400 uL, 0.1 uL/step
Reagent/Sample Probe: With liquid level sensor, collision sensor, teflon coating and automatic washing
Reaction Time: 0~999 seconds
Cuvette: High quality UV-transmitted plastic cuvette, or quartz glass cuvettes on request



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Culver City, CA 90232 U.S.A

TEL (310) 202-0814  FAX (310) 202-7286

Email: spectro@labomed.com

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