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Spectro 23RS

Spectro 23 RS

Spectro 23 RS spectrophotometer is a  visible and near ultraviolet spectral range, with high technology of built-in interface RS-232C, to make it possible to communicate with any IBM compatible computer and printer for test documentation as well as to store, record, and print test results. Spectro 23 RS utilizes  new generation technology; using a microprocessor for automatic adjusting of 100% T and Zero absorption, Factor and Concentration. Most knobs have  been eliminated and replaced by Soft Key, as a result; Spectro 23 RS is really easy to work with.

The Spectro 23RS spectrophotometer can be used at chemistry analyzing, biochemistry labs and clinical laboratories.  It can also be utilized for environmental protection, quality control, agricultural research and industries.

The 4 multiple cell holder is one of the unique features of the Spectro 23RS.  It is able to test, record, and print four sample results immediately by built in interface RS-232C Furthermore, Spectro 23RS may save the reagents and samples by using the optional semi-micro cuvette of 1.5 ml or less to help reduce waste.


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  • A very durable instrument.

  • Test tube holder and large cell optional.

  • Wide, continuous wavelength ranges for test flexibility.

  • Automatic absorption, transmission and concentration by microprocessor

  • High photometric and wavelength accuracy for the best results by having a 6 nm bandwidth.

  • Low stray radiant energy and noise for unequivocal readings, even at high absorbencies.

  • Excellent stability characteristics for reliable test results.

  • Carefully designed.  Easy operation and maintenance.

  • High absolute reading accuracy, outstanding stability and reproducibility with distinct digital display.

  • F.D.A. Licensed.

  • Very competitive price.

  • Can be applied for constant temperature & kinetic test by optional parts.

  • At Labomed, we believe greatly  in the accuracy of our spectrophotometers. We are so sure of the quality that we include 2 testing filters free of charge for testing calibration.

  • Small printer is available for date printout as an option, which does not require a computer hookup or software.


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  • 4 square cells 10mm.

  • 1 instruction book.

  • 1 dust cover.

  • 2 filters with holder for accuracy test.

  • 1 multiple cell holder for 4 cells.

  • 1 cable.

  • Optional: Cell holder for test tube 10-15-20-25 mm and light pass rectangular cell 20-30-40-50 mm.

  • Optional: Kinetic test system and flow trough system.

  • Optional: Large cuvette and round cuvette.

  • 1 operation manual CD

Technical Specifications

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Optical system:Single beam spectrophotometer

Wavelength range:330 – 1000nm .

Light source:Tungsten-Halogen lamp.

Detector: Silicon photodiode

Wavelength accuracy: +2nm

Wavelength reproducibility: 0.5nm

Spectral band pass: 6nm

Stray light: <0.5%T, at 360nm

Transmittance range: 0-100% (T)

Net weight:35 lbs

Absorption range: 0-1.999 (A)

Concentration range: 0-2000

Photometric accuracy: +0.5% (T) +0.004A

Transmittance reproducibility: 0.5% (T)

Monochromator: Grating mirror 1200 lines/mm

Multi cell holder: 4 cuvettes

Power supply: 230V 50Hz/110V 60Hz

Dimensions:22”(W)x14”(D) x 11 ½” (H) inches






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